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30 Nov 2015

How to Choose a Drinking Water System

Drinking water systems are becoming the gold standard in many homes today. Water quality and safety are one of the top concerns among homeowners. Couple that with the fact that buying bottled water is not only expensive, but has a huge environmental impact, and you can see why drinking water systems and water filters are quickly becoming a requirement for many homeowners. But how do you choose from all the different drinking water systems on the market today?

Knowing what contaminants you want to filter out of your water is the first step toward choosing the correct drinking water system. Most systems will filter out the major contaminants such as chlorine, copper, lead, parasites etc., but there are drinking water systems that filter out some contaminates better than others. Our Rayne Pure Plus Drinking Water System, for example, contains a four-stage filtration system and pairs well with UV light bacteria and virus protection for a safe drinking solution.

If your water filtration needs are fairly simple, then most standard drinking water systems would do the trick. A reverse osmosis (RO) system would be a good choice in this instance; they do a fantastic job at water filtration and will produce great tasting water at the tap. There are RO systems that can produce up to 50 gallons of drinking water a day, or if you don’t require as much, there are smaller options as well.

Another option includes the Zero Waste Q Series, 3 stage filtration system with UV.  This is one of the best systems for conscientious consumers who are not only concerned with water waste but also ensuring contaminants from their water sources aren’t ending up in their drinking water.  Best of all there is zero waste water and no separate storage tank necessary to deliver superior filtered water. If you are still unsure, and have more questions on what type of drinking water system is right for you, give us a call and we will answer any questions you have, while helping you make the best decision for your home.  We’ve also attached a comparison chart for your convenience, we believe that Rayne Water solutions are far superior to the competition, take a look and you’ll see why.

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