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09 Dec 2015

What To Expect From San Diego Water In the Winter Months

Water conservation and reuse efforts in San Diego are in full swing with expectations that El Niño will bring it’s fair share of aid to the local water effort. But, what else should San Diego County residents expect from their water reserve?

On non-precipitous days, colder, dryer weather translates into dryer skin and showering in hard water only adds to that irritation. Hard water is caused by various levels of calcium, iron and magnesium while softened water has little to no hard minerals. If you’ve ever felt the difference, it is unmistakeable.

For those who suffer from chronic dry skin, psoriasis and eczema, bathing in hard water only adds to the pain and embarrassment of noticeably drier areas of the skin. The effects of hard water on your hair is just as extensive: dry and itchy scalp, brittle and thinning hair and, for individuals who dye their hair–more frequent color treatments are just a few things to expect when bathing in hard water.

Consult one of our water experts today about a wide range of water softener and reverse osmosis systems. Installation ranges from a localized faucet, reverse osmosis system to treating an entire residence or business facility with our clean water solutions. Click here to learn more about the differences between hard water and Rayne Water. (Or) See what people are saying about us on Yelp!.