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LINX 140
Drinking Water System

Want bottled water quality drinking water at your finger tips without all the waste water? Linx is the latest drought conscious technology providing high quality drinking water with up to 90% less waste water than a Reverse Osmosis System. It fits nicely under your sink and comes with a designer custom faucet. Linx also allowes you to dial the taste of your water, if you like the flavor of Spring water, just dial it in, Purified, no problem. Virtually an unlimited supply of bottled water quality drinking water to use for drinking, cooking and possibly even your ice machine as well. Finally, an eco-friendly high quality drinking water system!

  • Up to 90% Less Waste Water Compared to Reverse Osmosis
  •  Dial-a-Taste Controls
  • May connect to your Fridge for Amazing Water and Ice
  • Water Softener or Salt-Free System
  • Ultra Violet Light Bacteria and Virus Protection
  •  Insta Hot or Insta Cold Water Systems