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RHF 2000

RHF 2000
Water Softeners

All of our systems are specially recommended to address your unique situation, and this Water Softener is no exception. This system is specifically for homes with larger, 1 1/2" water mains and will provide your home with great soft water, protecting not just your glassware and shower doors, but all your water using appliances as well as the pipes in your home. If you have 1 1/2" water main, then the Rayne Hi-Flo is for you.

  • Soft Water for your Entire Home.
  • Removes annoying water spots and helps protect all water using appliances.
  • For 1 1/2" Water Mains.
  • Reverse Osmosis drinking water system.
  • Big Blue Carbon/Sediment pre-filtration.
  • Insta Hot or Insta Cold water systems.